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Papers and Articles

Authors Title Journal Boris DOI
C. Gontier et al. Efficient sampling-based Bayesian Active Learning for synaptic characterization PLOS Computational Biology Details Direct Link
J. Sutter et al. Climate intervention on a high-emissions pathway could delay but not prevent West Antarctic Ice Sheet demise Nature climate change Nature Publishing Group Details Direct Link
Dominik Moser et al. Within-network brain connectivity during a social optimism task is related to personal optimism and optimism for in-group members Human brain mapping, 44(12), S. 4561-4571 Details Direct Link
Gunter Stober et al. Identifying gravity waves launched by the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha′apai volcanic eruption in mesosphere/lower-thermosphere winds derived from CONDOR and the Nordic Meteor Radar Cluster Annales geophysicae, 41(1), S. 197-208 Details Direct Link
Raviteja Kotikalapudi et al. Brain structure and optimism bias: A voxel-based morphometry approach Brain Sciences, 12(3), S. 315 Details Direct Link
Raviteja Kotikalapudi et al. Whole-brain white matter correlates of personality profiles predictive of subjective well-being Scientific reports, 12(1), S. 4558 Details Direct Link
Gunter Stober et al. Meteor radar vertical wind observation biases and mathematical debiasing strategies including the 3DVAR+DIV algorithm Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 2022 Details Direct LInk
Tatjana Aue et al. Enhanced sensitivity to optimistic cues is manifested in brain structure: A voxel-based morphometry study Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 16(11), S. 1170-1181 Details Direct Link
Dominik Moser et al. Reduced network integration in default mode and executive networks is associated with social and personal optimism biases Human brain mapping, 42(9), S. 2893-2906 Details Direct Link
Deng S., Zhu J., Aschauer U. Critical Role of Sc Substitution in Modulating Ferroelectricity in Multiferroic LuFeO3 Nano Lett. 2021,21 Direct Link
Stober G., Weryk R. J. Triple-frequency meteor radar full wave scattering - Measurements and comparison to theory A&A 654 A108 Direct Link
Bertone S, Jäggi A Assessing reduced-dynamic parametrizations for GRAIL orbit determination and the recovery of independent lunar gravity field solutions Earth and Space Science Direct Link
Dominik Moser et al. Social optimism biases are associated with cortical thickness Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 15(7), S. 745-754 Details Direct Link
Riou J, Hauser A et al. Estimation of SARS-CoV-2 mortality during the early stages of an epidemic: A modeling study in Hubei, China, and six regions in Europe PLOS Medicine Direct Link
Ricca C, Aschauer U Local polarization in oxygen-deficient LaMnO3 induced by charge localization in the Jahn-Teller distorted structure  Phys. Rev. Res. Details Direct Link 
Burns E, Lippert T et al. LaTiO2N crystallographic orientation control significantly increases visible-light induced charge extraction J. Mat. Chem. A Details Direct Link
Ninova S, Aschauer U, et al. Suitability of Cu-substituted β-Mn2V2O7 and Mn-substituted β-Cu2V2O7 for photocatalytic water-splitting J. Chem Phys. 153 Details Direct Link
Vonrüti N, Aschauer U Catalysis on oxidized ferroelectric surfaces—Epitaxially strained LaTiO2N and BaTiO3 for photocatalytic water splitting Chem. Mater. Details Direct Link
Bouri M, Aschauer U Suitability of Different Sr2TaO3N Surface Orientations for Photocatalytic Water Oxidation Chem. Mater Details Direct Link
Flores E, Berg E, et al. Cation Ordering and Redox Chemistry of Layered Ni-Rich LixNi1–2yCoyMnyO2: An Operando Raman Spectroscopy Study Chem. Mater. Details Direct Link
Pawlak R, Meyer E, et al. Bottom-up Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Graphene Nanoribbons J.Am.Chem.Soc. Details Direct Link
Ricca C, Aschauer U, et al. Self-consistent DFT + U + V study of oxygen vacancies in SrTiO3 Phys. Rev. Research 2 Details Direct Link
Ninova S, Aschauer U, et al. Surface Orientation and Structure of LaTiO2N Nanoparticles ACS Appl. Energy Mater Details Direct Link
Primasová H, Furrer J, et al. Dinuclear thiolato-bridged arene ruthenium complexes: from reaction conditions and mechanism to synthesis of new complexes RSC Advances Details Direct Link
Pfister J-P, Gontier C Identifiability of a Binomial Synapse Front. Comput. Neurosci. Details Direct Link
Riou J, Althaus C Pattern of early human-to-human transmission of Wuhan 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), December 2019 to January 2020 Euro Surveillance Direct Link
Vonrüti N, Aschauer U The role of metastability in enhancing water-oxidation activity Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. Details
Bizzotto F, Arenz M, et al. Examining the Structure Sensitivity of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Pt Single‐Crystal Electrodes: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study ChemPhysChem Details Direct Link
Vonrüti N, Aschauer U Band-gap engineering in AB(OxS1−x)3 perovskite oxysulfides: a route to strongly polar materials for photocatalytic water splitting J.Mat. Chem. A Details Direct Link
Ouhbi H, Aschauer U Nitrogen Loss and Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity of Perovskite Oxynitrides ACS Materials Lett. Details Direct Link
Hussain H, Thornton G, et al. Water-Induced Reversal of the TiO2(011)-(2 × 1) Surface Reconstruction: Observed with in Situ Surface X-ray Diffraction J.Phys. Chem C Details Direct Link
Mantella V, Buonsanti R, et al. Synthesis and Size-Dependent Optical Properties of Intermediate Band Gap Cu3VS4 Nanocrystals Chem. Mater Details Direct Link
Aschauer U, Spaldin N, et al. Strain-induced heteronuclear charge disproportionation in EuMnO3 Phys. Rev. Materials 3 Details Direct Link
Ninova S, Aschauer U Anion-order driven polar interfaces at LaTiO2N surfaces Journal of Materials Chemistry A Details Direct Link
Ricca C, Aschauer U et al. Self-consistent site-dependent DFT+U study of stoichiometric and defective SrMnO3 Physical Review B Details Direct Link
Ouhbia H, Aschauer U Water oxidation catalysis on reconstructed NaTaO3 (001) surfaces Journal of Materials Chemistry A Details Direct Link
Counotte M, Althaus C et al. Impact of age-specific immunity on the timing and burden of the next Zika virus outbreak PLOS NeglectedTropical Diseases Details Direct Link
Brugger J, Althaus C Transmission of and susceptibility to seasonal influenza in Switzerland from 2003 to 2015 Epidemics, Elsevier Details Direct Link
Horton P, Brönnimann S Impact of global atmospheric reanalyses on statistical precipitation downscaling Climate Dynamics Details Direct Link
Vonrüti N, Aschauer U Epitaxial strain dependence of band gaps in perovskite oxynitrides compared to perovskite oxides American Physical Society Details Direct Link
Aschauer U

Ultrafast Relaxation Dynamics of the Antiferrodistortive Phase in Ca Doped SrTiO₃

American Physical Society Details Direct Link
Vonrüti N, Aschauer U, et al. Elucidation of LixNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Redox Chemistry by Operando Raman Spectroscopy American Chemical Society Details Direct Link
Ouhbi H, Aschauer U Water oxidation chemistry of oxynitrides and oxides: Comparing NaTaO3 and SrTaO2N Surface Science Details Direct Link
Aschauer U Surface and Defect Chemistry of Oxide Material CHIMIA Details Direct Link
Kasper, C, Hebert, F, Aubin-Horth N, Taborsky B Divergent brain gene expression profiles between alternative behavioural helper types in a cooperative breeder Wiley Molecular Ecology
Direct Link

Panyasantisuk J,
Dall'Ara E,
Pretterklieber M,
Pahr D.H.,
Zysset P.K.

| Mapping anisotropy improves QCT-based finite element estimation of hip strength in pooled stance and side-fall load configurations |

Medical Engineering & Physics,

| Direct Link Vonrüti, N, Aschauer U | Anion Order and Spontaneous Polarization in LaTiO2N Oxynitride Thin Films | American Physical Society | Details | Direct Link Bouri M, Aschauer U | Bulk and surface properties of the Ruddlesden-Popper oxynitride Sr2TaO3N | Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Details | Direct Link 2017 Aschauer, U et al. | Surface Structure of TiO2 Rutile (011) Exposed to Liquid Water | Journal of Physical Chemistry | Details | Direct Link Kasper, C, Kölliker, M, Pstma, E, Taborsky B | Consistent cooperation in a cichlid fish is caused by maternal and developmental effects rather than heritable genetic variation | Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences |
| Direct Link Riesen M, Garcia V, Low N, Althaus C | Modeling the consequences of regional heterogeneity in human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination uptake on transmission in Switzerland | Vaccine, Elsevier | Details | Direct Link Kilic C, Raible C, Stocker T | Multiple climate States of Habitable Exoplanets: The Rolf of Obliquity and Irradiance | The Astrophysical Journal | Details | Direct Link Kilic C, Raible C, Kirk | Impact of variations of gravitational acceleration on the general circulation of the planetary atmosphere | Planetary and Space Science | Details | Direct Link Mueller S, Fix M et al. | Simultaneous optimization of photons and electrons for mixed beam radiotherapy al. | Physics in Medicine & Biology |
| Direct Link Ninova S, Aschauer U | Surface structure and anion order of the oynitride LaTiO2N | Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Details | Direct Link Ninova S, Aschauer U et al. |

LaTiOxNy Thin Film Model Systems for Photocatalytic Water Splitting: Physicochemical Evolution of the Solid-Liquid Interface and the Role of the Crystallographic Orientation

| Advanced functional materials | Details | Direct Link Struchen R, Vial F, Andersson M. G. | Value of evidence from syndromic surveillance with cumulative evidence from multiple data stream with delayed reporting | Scientific Reports |
| Direct Link 2013 Leichtle A, Fiedler G et al. | Pancreatic carcinoma, pancreatitis, and healthy controls: metabolite models in a three-class diagnostic dilemma | Metabolomics, Springer | Details | Direct Link


Poster J. T. Casanova et al, 2023

Poster Schwab et al, 2016


Title Newspaper Year of Publication Link
Berner Forscher entdecken neue Klimazustände, in denen Leben möglich ist. Der Bund Direct Link

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