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Scratch - temporary file space


Scratch file space are meant for temporary data storage. Interim computational data should be located there. File and size quota is less restrictive. Every user can use up to 20TB and 30M files. There is no snapshot and no backup feature available. Furthermore, an automatic deletion policy is planned, deleting files which are older than 30 days.

Scratch file space can be accessed using the Workspace module and the $SCRATCH environment variable.

module load Workspace

For personal Scratch see below

Workspace Scratch

Each Workspace has a $SCRATCH space with the same access permissions like the permanent Workspace directory (using primary and secondary groups). The Workspace can be accessed using $SCRATCH variable (after loading the Workspace module). It will point to /storage/scratch/<researchGroupID>/<WorkspaceID>. Please use $SCRATCH to access it.

personal Scratch

Users without a Workspace can also use “personal” Scratch. This space does need to be created initially:

module load Workspace/home
mkdir $SCRATCH

Please note that this space is per default no private space. If you want to restrict access you can change permissions using:

chmod 700 $SCRATCH