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Account and Activation


UBELIX is available to everybody with a valid Campus Account (CA) of the University of Bern. The cluster is meant to be used for research related to the University of Bern. Before you can use this service your CA need to be activated for UBELIX. Please respect the Code of Conduct On this page you will find useful information regarding the activation of your CA and the login procedure. Furthermore, the provided service structure is outlined.

Account activation

Request for activation

To request the activation of your Campus Account, please send a request via including:

  • a brief description of what you want to use the cluster for
  • your Campus Account username

Students must additionally provide:

  • the name of the institute (e.g. Mathematical Institute)
  • if available, the name of the research group (e.g. Numerical Analysis)

If you possess multiple Campus Accounts (staff and student) use your staff account since this one is more specific. As soon as we get your email we will activate your account for UBELIX. Once activated, you will receive a confirmation email containing initial instructions

You cannot choose a new username for UBELIX. The username/password combination will be the same as for your Campus Account that you also use to access other services provided by the University of Bern (e.g: email, Ilias).

Apply for a Campus Account for external coworkers

If you do not have a Campus Account of the University of Bern, but you need access to the cluster for your cooperative scientific research with an UniBE institute, the account manager of the institute has to request a Campus Account from the IT department of the University of Bern. Please ask your coworker at the institute to arrange this for you. The responsible account manager at your institute can be found from the following link: Account managers

Mailing List

The official channel for informing the UBELIX community about upcoming events (e.g. maintenance) and other important news is our mailing list. Sign up to receive information on what’s going on on the cluster:

Last update: 2023-11-17