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File System Quota

This page contains information about quota limits on the parallel file system. Quotas are enabled to control the file system usage.

Job abortion

Jobs will fail if no more disk space can be allocated, or if no more files can be created because the respective quota hard limit is exceeded


space quota file quota backup expiration
HOME 1TB 1M yes -
WORKSPACE at least 5TB 1M per TB yes -
SCRATCH 30TB1 10M1 no 1 month

Display quota information

A quota tool is delivered with the Workspace module:

$ quota
UniBE Workspace Quota report
                    :  used (GB)(   %), quota (GB) |  files used(   %),      quota
HOME                :        420( 41%),       1024 |      773425( 77%),    1000000
Workspace1          :        101(  1%),      10240 |           3(  0%),   10000000
Furthermore, there is a more detailed version using the -l or --long option
$ quota -l
UniBE Workspace Quota report
                    : free quota,  used (GB)(   %), quota (GB) |  files used(   %),      quota | start date(1), average quota(2)
HOME                :        all,        421( 41%),       1024 |      796058( 79%),    1000000 |              ,
SCR_usr             :        all,        269(  0%),      30720 |          22(  0%),   10000000 |              ,
Workspace1          :          5,        101(  1%),      10240 |           4(  0%),   10000000 |    2021-02-25,           7.5833

(0) space names starting with "SCR_" refer to the personal (usr) or Workspace SCRATCH quota.
(1) accounting period start date, The date from which the average usage is computed.
(2) file space average quota (not files), calculated by the average of messured values in the actual accounting period.

In the last example the workspace Workspace1 has 5TB of free quota, and a total of 10TB of quota (5TB additional storage requested). The start date defines the start of the accounting period and the average quota is computed as average over all datapoints starting from start date. Furthermore, the SCRATCH quota is presented starting with SCR_, where SCR_usr is your personal SCRATCH quota and SCR_ plus Workspace name the group quota of the Workspace group in the scratch fileset. Workspace SCRATCH quota is only presented if a quota is set and the quota -l option selected.

Data updates

  • Workspaces: Workspace quota information is gathered twice a day. Thus the presented data may not completely represent the current state.
  • HOME and SCRATCH: values presented are actual values directly gathered from the file system

  1. Scratch quota is currently implemented per user