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Costs and Investment

The HPC cluster is financed and maintained by the IT office of the University of Bern.

The base usage of our cluster is free of charge. Base usage includes:

  • 1TB of disk space (aka your home directory)
  • 20TB of temporary scratch space for raw data/results
  • Access to CPUs and GPUs for computation within limits, see topic Slurm QosS for the details


Interested users can invest into GPUs, CPUs and storage usage. The investors get elevated access to specific resources. The money raised by investments is used to buy additional resources for the cluster/storage will be purchased with the additional budget.

Get in touch with us!

If you are interested in our investment opportunities, get in touch with us by starting a service request at the Service Portal.

Workspace Storage Costs

Price and service details can be found at the official service page.

Statement of Cost for SNSF

On the official service page of the research storage service you can also find a statement of cost for the service that you can add to your SNF proposal in order to budget money for storage costs in your project.