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File Systems Overview


$HOME directories are located under /home/$USER, where $USER is the campus account. $HOME is limited to maximum 1TB and is meant for private and configuration data. There is no data sharing workflow considerred for $HOME. If you want to share data with collaborators please ask your research group leader to request an HPC Workspace. Reqular Snapshots provide possibility to recover accidentally modified or deleted data. Some application, by default, use the $HOME file system even for larger amount of data, e.g. user packages in Python or R. Often this can be redirected, e.g. using --prefix option or in worse case using a symbolic link to a project directory. Get in touch with us if you need assistance.

HPC Workspaces

In HPC Workspaces access is defined in two user defined access groups. A primary read/write group is meant to be the data owner, while a secondary has only read access. The sizes of these spaces are managed by the Workspace owners. Beside a free of charge quota, the space can be extended with costs.

For more details see Workspace management

Research Storage shares

The predecessor of HPC Workspaces are Research Storage Shares. These file spaces are located under /storage/research/.... These are fully managed by HPC support team. All modifications need to be requested via support request on the Service Portal. We aim to migrate these spaces and their data into HPC Workspaces. Therewith users can use all the tools and framework around HPC Workspaces and also the free of charge quota.


SCRATCH is a temporary space with less restrictive limitations in size, but more restrictive limitation in time. There is no snapshot or backup service implemented in that space.

Cleaning Policy

under Construction

detailed information will follow soon


For HOME and WORKSPACES total storage size and amount of files are limited. The current used amount and limits can be displayed using the quota tool, see File System Quota

Last update: 2023-11-17