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Welcome to the High Performance Computing (HPC) documentation of the University of Bern


Official documentation site of the high performance computing and the HPC cluster UBELIX.

Currently, the UBELIX cluster runs around 320 compute nodes featuring ~12k CPU cores and 160 GPUs with almost one million GPU cores. The infrastructure is available to all University personnel for their scientific work. The cluster can also be used by students within a scope of a thesis or a course.

If your campus account is not yet activated for UBELIX, the Getting Started Guide might be a good place to get you started.

UBELIX features a plethora of software and applications, which is outlined on the page Software, but the users are free to compile and install their own software within their home directories.

If you are wondering… UBELIX is an acronym and stands for University of Bern Linux Cluster (Naming similarities to known Gauls are purely coincidental and not intended in any way).

Job Monitoroing

See what is currently running on UBELIX on the Job Monitoring pages.

Acknowledging UBELIX

When you present results generated using our cluster UBELIX, we kindly ask you to acknowledge the usage of the cluster. We would also highly appreciate if you could send us a copy of your papers, posters and presentations mentioning the UBELIX cluster. Public visibility of our cluster and documenting results are important for us to ensure long-term funding of UBELIX.

Whenever the UBELIX infrastructure has been used to produce results used in a publication or poster, we kindly request citing the service in the acknowledgements:

"Calculations were performed on UBELIX (, the HPC cluster at the University of Bern."