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there are multiple versions of Pyhton available on our HPCs. On the one hand there are Python modules for Python 2 and 3. Which already has a longer list of additional packages installed, including pip. On the other hand there is Anaconda installed, which brings an even longer list of packages with it.

For Anaconda see Anaconda page

Additional Packages

If you need additional packages we suggest to install them using pip. You can install into your private HOME using the pip install --user option or share the packages with your colleges using the Workspace module, e.g. for installing a package matplotlib:

## load Python first, this can also be `module load Anaconda3`
module load Python
## maybe you need to specify the Workspace name first OR use `Workspace_Home`
module load Workspace  
## pip install in the Workspace or HOME location
##   the variable PYTHONPACKAGEPATH is set in the Workspace module
pip install --prefix $PYTHONPACKAGEPATH matplotlib

Python module need to be loaded before loading Workspace, because some settings require the Python version information.

Therewith the Python packages are automatically available when

module load Python     ## OR module load Anaconda3
module load Workspace  ## maybe you need to specify the Workspace name first
python -c "import matplotlib"
since $PYTHONPATH and $PATH are set to the above specified location.


if you get the error: ERROR: You must give at least one requirement to install (see "pip help install") you need to reload the Workspace module to properly set the variables. The Workspace module need to have Anaconda3/Python loaded first to read the proper Python Version. module load Python ## OR module load Anaconda3