HPC Workspaces

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Workspaces are still in testing phase and not publicly available yet.

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The HPC Workspaces provide a group shared environment, including storage with user-defined access, SLURM accounting, and tools.

A HPC Workspace belong to a research group and need to be requested by the research group leader, see Workspace management.

Short Summary

Workspaces provide a collaborative environment with user defined access groups:

  • a primary group with read/write access and
  • a secondary group with read only access

Each Workspace provide:

  • permanent storage (/storage/workspaces/<researchGroupID>/<workspaceID>)
  • temporary storage (/storage/scratch/<researchGroupID>/<workspaceID>)
  • user-friendly access to a custom software repositories and monitoring tools and
  • SLURM accounting to that Workspace. Fair share between research groups.


Prerequisite: The Research Group needs to be registered in the ServicePortal.

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A workspace can be created by a research group lead at the ServicePortal.

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More Details

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