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HPC Workspaces


The HPC Workspaces provide a group shared environment, including storage with user-defined access, SLURM accounting, and tools.

An HPC Workspace belong to a research group and need to be requested by the research group leader, see Workspace management.

Short Summary

Workspaces provide a collaborative environment with user defined access groups:

  • a primary group with read/write access and
  • a secondary group with read only access

Each Workspace provide:

  • permanent storage (/storage/workspaces/<researchGroupID>/<workspaceID>)
  • temporary storage (/storage/scratch/<researchGroupID>/<workspaceID>)
  • user-friendly access to a custom software repositories and monitoring tools and
  • SLURM accounting to that Workspace. Fair share between research groups.


Please always load the Workspace module when using it, even if you only copy files into it. The module provides you with shortcuts (e.g. $WORKSPACE), the custom Software stack (if existing) and SLURM settings.


Workspaces need to be created by registered research group lead/managers, see Workspace Application

More Details

For more details see:

Last update: 2023-11-17