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File System Restructure

We are restructuring our file systems to update our hardware and improve collaboration between users.

There will be following stages:

  1. HOME migration to new file system
  2. introduction of Workspaces
  3. Permission changes and quota reduction of HOME directories


Migration performance depends on the file space, but also on the amount of files. Therefore, please delete unnecessary data and pack files when possible:

  • Remove obsolete data: rm -r unnec_data
  • Pack data not needed in a short to midterm into tar archives: tar -zcf archive.tar.gz foo bar # where foo and bar are files.
  • remove obsolete custom installed packages, e.g. old Python packages: rm -r $HOME/.local/lib/python*/site-packages/*

HOME migration

new users

HOMEs of recently added and new users are already in the new location. You can verify using pwd, result starts with /storage/homefs.

HOME directories will be migrated to /storage/homefs/$USER in our newer and larger SpectrumScale file system. In future, these HOME directories are meant to be private only, without any sharing opportunity. As you may noticed, there will be no institute directory in the structure anymore. See subsection Temporary File Sharing.

The migration will be performed institute by institute. Users are notified before and after actual migration. When migration is finished $HOME will point to /storage/homefs/$USER.

IMPORTANT: please also read section Quota and permission changes below.

Introducing HPC Workspaces

HPC Workspaces are group shared places. See HPC Workspace Documentation

Temporary space to share data

HOMEs are meant to be private spaces. Data sharing is enabled using flexible group based HPC Workspaces. The institute based directories /home/ubelix/<instituteID>/shared were provided using tools similar to Workspaces:

module load CustomRepo/ws_inst

With Workspace and migrated data your workflow can still use the environment variable WORKSPACE, which point to your Workspace directory. Keep in mind the subdirectory structure in the previous shared directories.

shared directory cleaning

In June, the institute shared directories will be removed. You will have more than a month to migrate your data to a Workspace.

Quota and permission changes

Finally, beginning of June HOME directories will be restricted to be a private space and the quota will be set to max. 1TB and 1M files. Furthermore, the temporary institute sharing directories will be removed. Starting with this change the HOME Snapshot and Backup will be activated and the umask will be by default 002.